2017 Speakers

Aiveen (Ryan) Martin

Aiveen (Ryan) Martin

Aiveen is a Wellness Consultant, Trainer, Therapist and Laughter Yoga Professor. She has a broad-based background, including working in the private, public and voluntary (non-profit) sectors. She graduated in psychology almost 30 years ago and also has a Master of Science degree in Information Systems. Aiveen is also qualified in various therapies and has an insatiable curiosity for what makes us tick.

Influenced by kindness, compassion, positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and identifying and working from people’s core narrative, inner values and strengths, she runs a wide variety of personal and organizational development workshops with civilian and uniformed audiences.

She is interested in innovative and preventative health approaches and teaches people about laughter yoga, which is an incredibly powerful and unique mind and body exercise routine, accessible by all ages and fitness levels.

Laughter yoga has huge potential benefits for individuals and organizations in many ways such as building our immune systems, reducing cortisol levels in our body, making us more productive and focused and happier in ourselves – no wonder they say laughter is the best medicine.

In Scots-Gaelic, Aiveen means "Funny Girl".

Aiveen has a son, Michael-Alexander, lives in Scotland (UK), and Rapid City, South Dakota (USA) with her husband Dave, and works nationally and internationally.

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